Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tesco respond

Dear Mr Black

Thank you for your email addressed to Philip Clarke, our Chief Executive, to which I have been asked to reply. 

I am sorry that your recent posts on our Facebook page were deleted. After some investigation, this happened due to both posts being highlighted for containing a priority keyword (porn) that we have asked our filter to look for. Your first post was deleted by a member of the team, which we accept was over zealous, but the second was deleted by our automatic moderation system. We have fed this back and it will be addressed to prevent it happening again. 

With regard to our decision to stock What Doctor's Don't Tell You, there is nothing further that I can add to the response you have already been given. It remains the case that we offer an extensive range of newspapers and magazines which appeal to a wide range of customers. We also believe that the editorial content of this title is a matter for the publisher.

While I appreciate you remain unhappy, this is our final position on the matter.

Thank you for contacting us. 

Kind regards

Paul Milligan
Customer Service Executive

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