Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My complaint to Tesco.

Dear Philip,

I have been trying to engage with your social media team recently regarding some issues I have with your choice to stock What Doctors Don't Tell You.

However your team seem to just delete my questions and comments rather than respond.

I'm sure you are aware of the dangerous magazine you maintain you will sell regardless of the content of it. Stating it's content is an issue for its publisher.

However the choice to stock WDDTY lies solely with your company.

You have said you are not moral guardians or censors however you don't stock other controversial titles, such as hardcore porn, Mein Kampf or the anarchist cook book. So you do have some control over what is sold in your stores.

Please stop stocking this magazine.

Please make sure your social media team stop deleting complaints from your Facebook page.

Please make sure you take proper responsibility for your business and customers.

Please acknowledge that you have some control over the buying process.

I await a full reply

Richard Black

Twitter: @Richard_Black

To: ceo.customerservice@tesco.co.uk, philip.clarke@uk.tesco.com,
        customer.service@tesco.co.uk, david.price@uk.tesco.com,
        david.price@tesco.co.uk, jude.brooks@tesco.co.uk, jude.brooks@uk.tesco.com,
        tim.jessop@uk.tesco.com, tim.jessop@tesco.co.uk, mark.george@tesco.co.uk,
        mark.george@uk.tesco.com, tom.daniell@uk.tesco.com, tim.daniell@tesco.co.uk

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